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Hey, I didn't know how to contact you, it looks like your twitter account no longer exists. I've also enabled comments in the Inner Tao page. I think I've fixed the issue with the client! Let me know if you can now download properly the game! Thanks for contacting me about the issue.


It's fixed now, thanks.

Thanks for sharing

Is this a parody?

I got the good ending! Wohoooo


what the actual frog

I just played the game, and I am still unsure if I like it or not. I'ma try 1-2 more times to see if I can find the happy ending. I definitely like the premise though. ^^


I think this game thinks too highly of itself. I get what it wants to convey, but I think it has a very haughty tone, and doesn't elicit any emotions. Suitable for younger children, maybe.  


Hey, thanks for playing!

I suppose you might be right about the haughty tone... But that was kind of what I intended. When making the game I thought about it more like a short joke to make you think than a supper reflexive experience. But I get your point, thanks for sharing it!


Thank you for responding so professionally! It does make more since as a joke to make you think, than as a Project to make you think. If haughty was your intention, you definitely nailed it.